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"Mannino Mosaic" creates
furnishings for indoors and outdoors,
pavements, coverings for columns,
kitchens, bathrooms, sauna,
swimmingpools, fountains,
decorations for churches noble,
chapels, moschees, and every
other type of environment where
this kind of work is requested.
The mosaic mixes well with
country or elegant environments,
where it is possible to make arazzi
using enamels in glassy paste,
enriching them with gold.
We are very ambitious to create a
special piece of mosaic as desired.
"Mannino Mosaic" furnishes and
personalizes with originality and
good taste proposing wirh
success the "microweaves",
a line which is perfectly artistic.
"Mannino Mosaic" is a handicraft
shop which is located in Sicily,
land of sunshine, and cradle of
many ancient cultures and
civilizations, which are still present
today with its many representations;
for example the mosaic.
The most important examples of
mosaics are in Piazza Armerina,
Monreale, Morgantina,Tindari,
the roman Villa in Patti Marina
and many others.
The objective is to introduce a
line of marble and polychrome
stones.The weaves are split by
hand with hammer and gavel
which are then used for the most
various mosaic works
Piazza Dante , 15 - 98068 - San Piero Patti (ME) - Italy / Tel. e Fax 0941/669137 - Cell. 338/1589116
www.manninomosaici.it  [ e-mail: info@manninomosaici.it ]
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